Out of the kitchen and on the bike trail

Like bees near the nest, boys buzz around the Cambria Bike Kitchen. On rugged bikes built for mountain trails, one boy pops wheelies, while another takes to the air over dirt mounds, then pedals his bike to where his buddy is about to practice balance while navigating...

The Wellness Kitchen: Healing people through food

The Wellness Kitchen, 1255 Las Table Road in Templeton, has been helping people treat illness through food. The nonprofit not only provided gluten-free and dairy-free therapeutic foods, but also provides education for prevention and continued wellness. Since its...

Realty, reality and the modern family

Every man, woman and child on the planet Earth—and the handful of humans currently aboard the International Space Station—has a story to tell. Trundling along down here on highways and byways, in towns large and small, it’s customary for us to exchange them from time...

Mike Godsey: Director of community life at San Luis Obispo Classical Academy

As Mike Godsey, the new director of community life for the San Luis Obispo Classical Academy, sees it his educational vision has come full circle. He chose English as a major at Cal Poly when he entered in 1993, “because I wanted to become wiser, to learn more about...

The Jackson family: Home cooking at The Range

Santa Margarita exemplifies one of the best small rural towns in San Luis Obispo County. It is also home to one of the best local restaurants in SLO County. The Jacksons' Range restaurant only believes in one form of advertising—word-of-mouth. As I interviewed Carol...

Then and now: Hal Rosewall still loves to talk shop!

If you were a kid in San Luis Obispo between the late '60s and early 2000s, you likely had—and fondly remember—Mr. Rosewall as your junior high/middle school shop teacher. Walking around SLO these days, Hal Rosewall says he inevitably runs into his former students....

Behind the Badge: SLO County’s forensic pathologist

Here at the Sheriff's office we pride ourselves on having a long history of serving San Luis Obispo residents with professionalism, innovation, and compassion. In September of 2017, I hired our first full-time Sheriff’s Forensic Pathologist who has made history...

HAVE LAW, WILL TRAVEL: Mobile Law Center’s Stephen Stern

He is not your father's lawyer, says the Mobile Law Center’s Stephen Stern. And just one visit to the tricked- out 1978 Airstream Argosy confirms it. Carefully selected to convey a welcoming message of affordability and utility, the inside of the Argosy has been...

San Luis Obispo, the story of it

Just where do you fit into your family tree? Genealogists relish tracing ancestry back through generations of lineage and the royal courts are sure to delineate to the most intricate of details. Any hereditary monarch must become so through ancestry. So, too, history...

Lisa Ray: Children’s Resource Network Founder

Lisa Ray is one of those people who rarely has much time for herself, especially not in the last almost decade since starting her nonprofit—the Children's Resource Network. And she’s OK with her phone always ringing, even as she’s trying to settle into a bubble bath...

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HAVE LAW, WILL TRAVEL: Mobile Law Center’s Stephen Stern

Josef Maier: Head route setter the pad climbing gym

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