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Our Schools: Arts Education Partnerships

Our county is fortunate to have passionate support for the arts in local schools, but we need your participation. Arts organizations depend upon the help of residents to thrive, grow, and provide outreach. If you are in South County, the Clark Center Arts in Education...

S.S. Montebello: When War Came to the Central Coast

In last month's issue, the disastrous Tank Farm Fire captured the destruction and devastation of “the greatest petroleum conflagration in the history of the American oil industry.” While it certainly was “History in the Making,” during its rampant path of destruction,...

Slow Money SLO Diversifies

A little open-air coffee shop in the back bay of Los Osos does on occasion, as so many such venues are wont to do, serve as office space for half a dozen local professionals on a sunny morning. Look around and keep your ears open and something interesting might float...

Branching out on the Carrizo Plain

Driving slowly along Soda Lake Road in the Carrizo Plain National Monument, I noticed a flash of a four-legged critter 50 yards away to the west. An endangered San Joaquin kit fox had just dived into its grassland den. However, its mate froze, choosing to lie flat,...

Francesca Nemko: Excavating Her Buried Treasure

At 82, Francesca Nemko is the very definition of self-actualized. Born and raised in London, England, she was one of two daughters raised by a glass and china shop owner and a stay-at-home mother. Introduced to the creative world of American jazz music by her older...

Chipwrecked: Sarah Paddack Lands Second Career with Her Chips

Aprons, vegetable peelers, potatoes, hand-blended spices and hot grease weren’t involved in Sarah Paddack’s former life. But all those ingredients and more sit on the front burner of her life today, as the owner and operator of Chipwrecked, a teeny, tiny restaurant in...

Christina Lefevre Latner:A Champion of Health and Well-Being in our Community

As is typical for Christina Lefevre Latner, public policy champ, consultant and lecturer, she points out that “a lot of great people” have supported her in her lifelong journey to become an advocate for humanitarian causes calling for solutions. “Every acquaintance...

Behind the Badge: State of the Sheriff’s office

I'm going to admit something. Something some of you already know. Last year was a challenging year for the Sheriff’s Office. A lot of the focus was on the care our inmates in the County Jail were receiving. But with those challenges came some big changes. And one of...

Stephanie Barclay and SLOLAF: Defending the defenseless

Stephanie Barclay might practice law here in San Luis Obispo County where she attended public schools (C.L. Smith, Laguna Middle School & SLO High School), but her path to working as Legal Director for San Luis Obispo Legal Aid Foundation (SLOLAF) was paved by the...

Will Kraemer: Skills USA National Champion and Collegiate Logging Champion

According to Will Kraemer, he spent extra time in preschool because his teachers told his parents, “All he wants to do is dig.” Now a senior Bio Resource and Agricultural Engineering major at Cal Poly, with a love for hands-on experience, he is also the reigning Stihl...

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Luke O’Leary: National FFA President

Honor Flight…You had to be there!

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