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Terrie Banish: Promotions Wonder Woman–taking Atascadero from ‘A-Town’ to play town

"Out of high school, I seriously didn't know what I wanted to do in life,” Terrie Banish said recently, “but looking back, I realize all the choices I made eventually led me to the job I was meant to have. My heart is in this!” “This” is the position of Deputy City...

Woodstock’s Pizza: It’s a family affair

"Pizza is inherently a group food," says Woodstock’s Pizza co-owner Laura Ambrose. Indeed, groups have been gathering around the irresistible pies—hand-tossed, secret-sauced, and generously topped—at the corner of Higuera and Osos since 1980. Last month, Woodstock’s...

Water Warriors who preserve our wetlands: Morro Bay National Estuary Program

It is a curious situation that the sea, from which life first arose should now be threatened by the activities of one form of that life.”—Rachel Carson, The Sea Around Us. The above quote reminds me of the first time I read her last book— Silent Spring. She was a...

Dana gets new director and long-awaited cultural center opens

Robin Bogue was destined to become involved with the newly opened Dana Cultural Center, so it only makes sense she now heads the nonprofit Dana Adobe Nipomo Amigos (DANA), which for nearly two decades has been at the helm of restoring the historic adobe and preserving...

Wendy Lewis: El Camino Homeless Organization’s new CEO/President

Atascadero resident, Wendy Lewis, became the CEO/President of the El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO) in February after spending 10 years working for the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County. Lewis’ most recent position with the Food Bank Coalition was as...

Day trippin’: Creston

I'd been hankering to drive by Whispering Winds Ranch in Creston, where I lived in the early 1980s. I learned to cook fish in a dishwasher and barbeque Rocky Mountain Oysters (which has nothing to do with bivalve mollusks) in this house. The 160-acre ranch was widely...

Secret Societies: Freemasons

Just what makes a community? There must be people, structures, various elements of governance and–unfortunately–the less virtuous of humans. Whatever the mix, a community is greater than the sum of its parts and its various factions amplify its definition. One telling...

Solarponics: diffused grid turns to batteries

With the shutdown of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant being rolled out through 2025, and the State of California striving to meet 100 percent renewable energy goals by 2045, it’s time to start thinking about personal energy production and storage, not just our use,...

In service to our entire educational community

San Luis Obispo County school districts and Cuesta College recently celebrated the success of many talented educators and support staff at the Fall Employee of the Year Gala. Central Coast schools employ a well-trained, dedicated and inspiring educational workforce....

Lifelong Learners here on the Central Coast

Just what would you do with an extra one or two hundred million or so dollars? Beyond the comprehension of most of us, Bernard Osher decided to promote learning. One of the world’s wealthiest men envisioned not another experimental program for schools or universities...

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Karen Rizzoli: Re-entering the Racing World with a ’67 Camaro Named Leslie

Lincoln Market & Deli: A Modern Take on an Old-Fashioned Tradition

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