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Fasten your seatbelts! ‘Dead Reckoning:’ A work of fiction inspired by true events written by Michael Corbin Ray & Therese Vannier

Did you ever sing along to Gordon Lightfoot's rendition of “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” or read Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”? Or watch in horror as Shelly Winters fatally attempted to save the Poseidon or didn’t look away when Leo...

Morgan Philbin: Associate Professor Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University, Joseph L. Mailman School of Public Health

On a recent visit to her hometown, Dr. Morgan Philbin wrote a Viewpoint article for The Tribune questioning Cal Poly’s plan for safeguarding returning students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Citing statistics from other universities where rates shot up when students...

Anchors Away … It’s Navy Day

Four years after his one-hour train stop and tour in the small Central Coast county seat of San Luis Obispo (about 3,500 residents), President Theodore Roosevelt stood aboard the presidential yacht, the Mayflower, in early December 1907 obviously delighted at the...

A Good Enough Garden

W. Atlee Burpee & Co. says it’s sold more seed in 2020 than any other time in its 144-year history A month into seclusion, a honey gold potato in a basket on my kitchen counter began to sprout. The eyes grew thick, leafy lashes. What to do? There’s little room in...

Estero Bay Kindness Coalition: Good Works Through Pandemic

Keeping our neighbors in good stead, healthy, and fed seems to have emerged as the theme of 2020. While there have always been a few members of the community with such things on their minds as a matter of course, more of us spare a thought for others as needs have...

One Cow Apart on the SLO County Farm Trail

It would be hard to find a more perfect antidote to the COVID-19 crisis than spending time in the beauty and bounty of our local farms and ranches. Whether it’s standing in the middle of a fragrant apple orchard, feeding a handful of hay to a hungry goat, or stirring...

Because No One Should Die Alone at Hospice of SLO County

"The end of life deserves as much respect as the beginning.” That’s the tagline for our own Hospice of San Luis Obispo County (HSLO), and for new Executive Director, Shannon McOuat, it has an especially powerful meaning. Her mother, you see, died of cancer in 2009,...

Voting Locally is Easier Than You Think

A Voter’s Guide to the Elections, Conversing with Tommy Gong, San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder In case you hadn't noticed, the 2020 election season is flying down the home stretch. While some voters are eagerly awaiting their mail-in ballots (and may have already...

Amid pandemic, Masons celebrate 150 years

MARCH 2020 MAY SEEM LIKE A LIFETIME ago, and while some may have hoped for a quick resolution to the COVID-19 crisis, event organizing committees and logicians were clear on the need to postpone or cancel most public events through the end of the year. The 2020...

K.Jons Jewelry Co. Lindsay and Greg Chatham: This story has a familiar ring to it …

Did you hear it? That collective sigh of relief heard in North County back in January after the popular and long- time jewelry retailer K.Jons, slated to go out of business, didn’t. A young couple, Greg Chatham and his wife Lindsay Chatham, a former employee, heard...

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Morgan Philbin: Associate Professor Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University, Joseph L. Mailman School of Public Health

Voting locally–easier than you think

Courtney Haile, activist, founder: R.A.C.E. Matters

Armor Farms … a new kind of produce box service

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