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17 Strong…because everyone deserves a Victory Trip

Glassy-eyed from the anesthesia, and with a barely audible voice, Ryan Teixeira woke up from a seven-hour surgery and said, “I know what we’re going to do.” His parents, Steve and Holly, paid rapt attention as their 18-year-old son described his vision for a new...

Hayley Nenadal: Co-founder SLO Motion Film

After two wildly successful events, and a third one planned, it is time to add SLO Motion Film to the list of cultural entities that make San Luis Obispo such a uniquely wonderful place to live. Co-founded by San Luis Obispo native, and 2001 San Luis Obispo High...

Ty Evans: The great pumpkin grower’s legacy

Your alarm wakes you from a deep sleep at 5 a.m. You rise knowing dogs, horses, sheep, and cattle need to be fed. Still half asleep, you function on autopilot since you’ve been following a similar routine of farm chores since the moment you were able to pull on your...

Behind the Badge: SMARTWATER–Fighting crime in our agricultural and rural areas

Agriculture is such a big part of San Luis Obispo County. And it just keeps growing. Last year, for instance, agriculture became a billion-dollar business in the County. The top five agricultural products are wine grapes, strawberries, broccoli, avocados and cattle....

Weekend escape: Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone, Part 1

SANTA BARBARA IS MY HAPPY PLACE, A PLACE TO lose myself on the beach boardwalk, breathing briny sea air thick with the caw of gulls. This time I drove down to explore the Funk Zone: a 10-square-block area of old warehouses, manufacturing and industrial plants. The...

Academic success through the arts

THE NEW YORK TIMES RECENTLY RAN A STORY ABOUT Betty Smith’s 1943 autobiographical novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, detailing her impoverished childhood and the “great golden glory lasting a half-hour each week when Mr. Morton came to Francie’s room to teach music.”...

County Librarians Park III

WHATEVER THEIR JOURNEY TO THE SMALL COUNTY IN the middle of California, each of the pioneer librarians (1919-1958) left a legacy of professional determination to enhance and enrich the cultural beacon of literacy. While each day was met by the exigencies of the time,...

Rudy Xavier: Diversity Coalition working across San Luis Obispo County

AS THE CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO’S POLICE DEPARTMENT held a special meeting in mid-July to address hate crimes and hate speech—after a man was arrested for threatening his neighbors—they have a new ally. As of May 2019 the Five Cities Diversity Coalition has expanded...

Nautical Bean Café: More than a coffee house

SAN LUIS OBISPO SAVED MY LIFE. IN FACT, THE FIRST TIME I saw San Luis Obispo was in a U-Haul truck filled with my humble possessions that I drove here from San Diego after earning my English Degree from SDSU. I started here selling roofing to help out my mom and dad...

Humankind Store SLO’s one and only fair trade retail store celebrates 10 years downtown

WHAT STARTED MORE THAN A DECADE AGO as a few individuals selling fair trade products at church-sponsored holiday craft fairs has blossomed over the years into a full-scale retail operation with a brick-and-mortar store—HumanKind Fair Trade— that just celebrated its...

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Nautical Bean Café: More than a coffee house

Don Saueressig: Zero to 60…in the blink of an eye

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