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Alan Pietsch: Dancer, teacher and author

Some folks look forward to slowing down as retirement approaches, but that doesn’t appear to be Arroyo Grande resident Alan Pietsch’s modus operandi. Asked to pose for a quick post-interview photo to, among other things, promote the budding author’s first book launch,...

Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County

During a hike at Eagle Ranch in South Atascadero recently, a pair of the ranch’s namesake raptors circled overhead as if on cue for our group of trekkers to admire. Around us, beautiful oaks of many varieties, miles and miles of sprawling grassy fields, incredible...

Who’s playing at the fair this year?

As nights grow longer and the temperatures climb, a most-frequently heard conversation around SLO County goes like this: “You going to the Fair this year?” “Sure! Who’s playing?” First held 1946, the California Mid-State Fair is preparing for its 75th anniversary next...

Behind the Bade: Solving the Unsolvable

It seems like anytime you turn on the TV, you can usually find a crime drama that’s dedicated to cold cases. They have been deemed cold cases because all the investigative leads have gone “cold” and there is no resolution to the case. The popularity of these shows has...

Emily Reneau is Atascadero Chamber’s newest CEO

Emily Reneau, a 23-year resident of North San Luis Obispo County, began her tenure as Atascadero Chamber of Commerce’s CEO and President on April 23. “I am thrilled to work with people who care about the community and enhance the fabulous work that is already in...

History: County Librarians

SYNONYMOUS WITH THE COUNTY LIBRARY CENTENNIAL is a century of people who served and were served by the parade of material provided in an extensive array of locations. A key person at any given time is the County Librarian. They earned little but added enormously to...

Greenspace: Go explore in the forest

Local organizations partner to connect students with nature Students love field trips that take them out of the classroom. Greenspace’s Environmental Education Field Program connects students with nature by inviting sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students out into...

Travel: Mount Whitney or Die Part 1

Everyone I talked to, including the guy bagging my groceries, had hiked Mount Whitney, 14,491 feet. Sure, it’s the highest peak in the lower forty-eight with well-marked routes. By some accounts, these trails are the most heavily traveled in the United States: Some...

Pismo Beach’s La Bodega Tapas

There are two types of people in the world: those who dream and those who make their dreams come true. Recent Pismo Beach transplant Teresa Cordeiro, 56, is most definitely the latter type. Having spent her entire adult life working in the medical field— Cordeiro is a...

Worker memorials in quiet times

Fifteen years, that's 15 long, and for the purposes of this article, long and good years, since the men and women working for the Central Coast Caltrans District (District 5) have had a work-related death among their ranks. It’s been so long in fact that a measure of...

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Don Saueressig: Zero to 60…in the blink of an eye

Trust Automation, Inc.: Ty Safreno

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