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Pismo Preserve: Land Conservancy breaks ground on road improvements

Since starting construction on required improvements at the entrance to the Pismo Preserve, including a 54-space parking lot and new sidewalk along a portion of Mattie Road leading to the 900-acre open space area, the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County has had...

Operation WEBS Picking up steam for 2019

"It's amazing what we can get done in three days," says Sandy Blair, a Santa Maria-based real estate agent during business hours and an Orcutt-based nonprofit executive the rest of her time. Picking up the phone to answer some last minute questions on her way to a...

The Nutcracker Ballet: A presentation by the North County Dance and Performing Arts Foundation

The Nutcracker Ballet is a Christmas tradition for many each year and this year they will be able to see the 22nd performance of the Nutcracker Ballet put on by the North County Dance and Performing Arts Foundation. The foundation has been producing the ballet every...

Aaron Gomez: Businessman, Environmentalist, City Councilman

Being a teacher, even a retired teacher, has many rewards. Some of them are delayed, like hearing from a former student who has gone on to create a rich adult life. Such was the case when I recently received a Facebook message from Gold Concept co-owner and City...

Natural Healing Center: Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Arriving on a sunny afternoon, I parked along Huston Street and walked up to the National Healing Center. Several people were entering the store at the same time. Two security guards were at the front asking the customers if they were new or returning customers. New...

George Garcia, architect

Celebrating 20 years since hanging his shingle: "Garcia Architecture+Design," George Garcia shakes his head. “I still can’t believe I did it,” he said of leaving a civil engineering firm where he had worked for 14 years to head out on his own in 1998. “With two small...

Dr. Jill Stearns: Cuesta College’s Newest President

Born into a family with a four-generation legacy of teachers, Jill Stearns grew up with a distinct desire to do anything but teach. But when a last-minute unexpected vacancy left her local high school without a math teacher, Stearns was asked to fill the post—just for...

Honor Flight…You had to be there!

Longtime family friends of mind, Rich and Glenda Powell, have been involved with the local Honor Flight organization for years. They wanted to share this moving experience with our Journal Plus readers, and they offered to pay my way so I could do a story. If you know...

Behind the Badge: Christmas bike giveaway

Now that the holiday season is upon us, I want you to think back to when you were a child opening up your presents on Christmas morning. Remember that feeling? Your eyes would grow big. A smile would spread across your face. Maybe even a shout of joy would escape from...

Secret Societies: Knights of Pythias

They were dark days. The necessity of organization, of intimate relationship, of mutual knowledge and confidence with associates, for self-protection and the good of the public, were apparent to all.” Written in 1883, years after the devastating upheavals of the Civil...

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Honor Flight…You had to be there!

‘King of the Cowboys” coaches Cal Poly Rodeo to new heights

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