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Peg Grady: Keeping the public in stitches

Peg Grady's satire thread art will make you smile. Peg Grady the person will make you laugh out loud. While she works in a myriad of media—painting, assemblages, collages and other works of art—it’s Peg’s pithy, catchy and sometimes outrageous stitched sayings that...

Denise Braun: Helping women overcome their fraud fables

Atascadero artist and therapist Denise Braun has spent the last three years writing her debut book “The Fraud Fable: How To Be Real When You Feel Like a Fake” and released it on December 10, 2018. The book examines the fables people tell themselves and examines the...

Kevin Campion: A-Town’s Uncle

In the city of Atascadero, Kevin Campion is known to civic leaders and members of various service organizations as a business owner, booster of the town’s economic and athletic endeavors, and generally a good guy to have on your list when organizing a neighborhood...

Noha Kolkailah: Assistant Principal, Mission College Prep Founder, Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts

The day after the 2016 elections, Noha Kolkailah had an insight that led, in less than two years, to the creation of the Peace Academy of Sciences and Arts, a summer enrichment program for children, which delivered a four-week curriculum to fifty students, ages 6-9,...

Meet Brigitte Elke: SLO City’s newest Finance Director

If you're good at languages, chances are you're also good at math. Far from being the polar opposites many of us once thought, numbers and words have a lot in common. Both disciplines use deductive reasoning, require abstract thought, have well defined rules, and use...

State of the Sheriff’s Office

Before I begin my column, I want to first wish everyone a very happy, safe and prosperous 2019! We are so blessed to live in a county with so much natural beauty. We have everything, the ocean, the hills and the desert. But most of all, we have the people who care...

Caren Ray: Breaking down gender walls in Arroyo Grande and beyond

Long time the Arroyo Grande resident, Caren Ray has never let being a woman get in the way of achieving anything she has ever wanted to do. Ever. “My whole life has been all about breaking that gender barrier,” Ray said on a recent rainy afternoon inside Cafe Andreini...

A Morro Bay woman on the streets of Havana: Part 1

A Friday in February 2004, morning and sweltering, I’d flown directly from LAX to Havana as part of a cultural program—two weeks studying Afro-Cuban rhythms at Escuela Nacional de Artes (National School of the Arts). I left Hotel Palco in the municipality of Playa and...

Luke O’Leary: National FFA President

For the first time, SLO County is home to the National Future Farmers of America (FFA) President—our own homegrown, born and raised … Luke O’Leary. When Journal Plus owner/photographer, Tom Meinhold, asked me to write about Luke’s impressive achievements, I readily...

San Luis Obispo ordinances: Dogs

The date: September 9, 1850 The event: You live in a settlement now officially within the 31st state of the Union. The dilemma: You need to create a municipal framework in order for the community to establish itself as a political entity under the new governance. The...

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Luke O’Leary: National FFA President

Honor Flight…You had to be there!

‘King of the Cowboys” coaches Cal Poly Rodeo to new heights

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