Catherine Ryan Hyde on kindess, tenacity and not having a Plan B

It's been nearly two decades since the publication of Pay It Forward—the book that put local author Catherine Ryan Hyde on the map. But even with the success of the movie version (starring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, and Haley Joel Osment in 2000), and the Pay It...

Greatest athletes on the Central Coast: Sean Chambers

Editor’s note: “Who are the Greatest Athletes in the history of the Central Coast?” So far the following athletes have been featured: Ed Brown, Stephanie Brown Trafton, Chuck Liddell, Loren Roberts, Steve Patterson, Gene Rambo, Robin Ventura, Jordan Hasay, Chuck...

History: Mission Plaza San Luis Obispo Part II

Progress carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction. The glory of conquest will eventually witness its celebrants gone; its purpose mostly forgotten. The promise of life will wend its way through time-with varying degrees of longevity-to the inevitable...

Archie McLaren: A life well celebrated

As Hollywood screenwriters have contemplated the meaning of life and death through the years, the occasional nugget of wisdom has stuck in popular culture. How we face death being as important as how we face life is one. Embracing whatever lies beyond as the next...

@#&*! Pardon My French: Grover Beach’s quaint little bakery

When Central Coast natives Lalo and Jamie Tejeda met in San Luis Obispo in 2011 little did they know wedding cakes would be their future, with one of the first cakes being their own. Prior to saying, “I Do,” the couple relocated to Sonoma’s wine country for two years...

Anderson Hotel Barbershop and the barber who’s been there for half a century

When a rider-less motorcycle plowed through the window of The Anderson Hotel Barber-shop in 1963, the only damage was to the window that held its famous sign. The replacement was crafted in a hurry and lacked the word “hotel,” an omission that current owner Ray...

Derek Kirk: President and CEO, Atascadero Chamber of Commerce

"We're honoring our history and modernizing our future." Derek Kirk's got his hands full—and he couldn’t be happier.  Newly appointed to serve at the helm of the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce, not only does Derek bring experience, education and talent from prior...

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