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The Goddess behind Goddess Goods

An A-student, athletic waterpolo student, competitive swimmer, avid hiker, and all-around beach beauty with long blonde hair and golden-copper skin—Summer Mote could be the iconic California girl the Beach Boys sang into history. Summer and her older sister Danielle...

Weekend Escape: Rancho de la Osa, Part II

A handful of guests at the dude ranch mount their horses for an afternoon ride. We string out behind Ross Knox (head wrangler) and Colleen Crisman (his assistant), crossing dry creek beds and battling mesquite trees with their inch-long thorns. I’m on a sure-footed...

Quinton Adlesh: Former Mission star transfers to USC and is made co-captain

After three years of playing in the ivy league for Columbia University, former Mission College Prep basketball star Quinton Adlesh has taken his dead-eye outside shooting skills to a big-time college basketball venue in the Pac-12 Conference at the University of...

Operation Surf Central Coast 2020

For a week, Sept. 29 to Oct. 5, the Central Coast played host to 30 surfers, most of whom aren’t normally a part of the local scene. With 15 new participants and 15 returning alumni of the Avila-based Operation Surf program, along with a cast of instructors and...

Tony Girolo: San Luis Obispo Artist

If life experience is the best teacher, then San Luis Obispo artist Tony Girolo has a Ph.D. to accompany his Masters in Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, America’s oldest art school. A 1999 graduate of San Luis Obispo High School,...

Frank C. Mitchell: Part 1

The news item on Oct. 7, 1902, was brief: “F.C. Mitchell, the contractor, has purchased the Murphy block on Osos street between Pismo and Pacific. It is a valuable piece of real estate, and has long been considered a suitable location for ANOTHER (emphasis in...

Jacqueline Frederick: Ensuring everyone has access to justice

“...And justice for all." Since first grade, Americans have pledged their allegiance to a country that makes that promise. Yet, as our history and current evidence show, justice is not always meted out fairly, and all too often, not at all. In a news cycle dominated...

Wine Country Theatre: Cynthia Anthony, Founder

Cynthia Anthony is a natural-born actress, the Founder of Wine Country Theatre, whose demeanor exudes the essence of those who are perfectly at home on the stage, wasn’t acting, however, when she enthusiastically described the genesis and current success of her young...

Behind the Badge: Thankfulness

It's November on the Central Coast and that means the nights are a little cooler, football is on TV, and the holiday season is starting to shift into high gear. But before we get too far down that road, I think it’s appropriate to take a moment to give thanks. After...

17 Strong…because everyone deserves a Victory Trip

Glassy-eyed from the anesthesia, and with a barely audible voice, Ryan Teixeira woke up from a seven-hour surgery and said, “I know what we’re going to do.” His parents, Steve and Holly, paid rapt attention as their 18-year-old son described his vision for a new...

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Wine Country Theatre: Cynthia Anthony, Founder

Ty Evans: The great pumpkin grower’s legacy

Nautical Bean Café: More than a coffee house

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